Travel Schedule

We pride ourselves on providing unique holiday experiences
delivered by locals. 

  1. 12
    Sardinian delights £4,000
    5 nights
    A jewel of an island found in the Mediterranean. Sardinia offers a unique twist to traditional Italian cooking. The island boasts miles of beaches as well as a hilly terrain both of which deserve exploration. This chilled out break will give guests a chance to rewind and escape, whilst also eating wonderful local delicacies.
  2. 18
    Dordogne £5,000
    5 nights
    No gourmet travel schedule would be complete without a trip to Bergerac. Here we will visit night markets, tour vineyards and eat in unusual restaurants in the middle of nowhere! When we aren't exploring the terrain we will be learning how to cook like the french do, courtesy of our award winning local chefs. This is truly a trip that can't be missed.
  3. 8
    Bangkok flavours £9,000
    6 nights
    There are few places I've been where you can travel to lunch by boat, enjoy a massage by a buddist monk, whilst enjoying fabulously tasty street food. Thailand is enchanting and the people friendly and hospitable. Our trip will offer guests a chance to learn some 'street food' classics as well as enjoying the unique sights and sounds of this amazing city.
  4. 30
    Dominican Republic £9,000
    7 nights
    We could have chosen any number of islands in the Caribbean but we plumped for the Dominican Republic because it offers so much to see and do. We hope you will enjoy learning to cook La Bandera, Sancocho and Habichuelas Con Dulce from local chefs. But even if you don't you can always slip away to enjoy golf, lie on the beach or dine at any number of the eclectic mix of restaurants.
  5. 1
    Switzerland £5,000
    5 nights
    Nestled high in the Swiss mountains our luxury hotel offers a calm background to some seriously good cooking. Although known for chocolate, we will explore a range of other Swiss delicacies from Bűndnernusstorte to Berner platte.
  6. 27
    Scottish food at its finest £900
    3 nights
    Enjoy learning about Scottish food and how to create authentic dishes. This trip will include a visit to Edinburgh castle, whisky sampling and of course mouthwatering food lovingly prepared by a range of local master chefs. A chance to explore this exciting city and its culture in a flavorsome food setting.